• A.S.I.A Holds First Ever Two-week Asian Arts Festival


  • Community Bulletin: Fall 2016, Issue 5

    Donald Trump Elected President In the early morning of Wednesday Nov. 9, Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election. After an […]

  • Congressional Debate on Campus

    The political climate in our country this year has been especially fascinating. From government majors, like myself, to people with no previous interest in politics, this election season has proven compelling.

  • External Review to Drive Campus Safety Reform

    On Oct. 27, campus safety directors from three different colleges visited Connecticut College to discuss reforms in campus policing. This was part of an external review that the college is undertaking in order to better serve the safety and educational needs of students. Directors from Williams College, Muhlenberg College and Gettysburg College spoke during an SGA meeting and highlighted what is going right at their institutions.

  • Getting Creative with Margaret Atwood

    The 18th Daniel Klagsbrun Symposium on Creative Arts and Moral Vision took place on Nov. 3rd in Crozier-Williams. The Symposium started in 1989, and although not annual, it has allowed the College to bring in important literary figures. Past speakers include Elie Wiesel and Michael Cunningham. This year, it was the famed author of The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood.

  • Community Bulletin: Fall 2016, Issue 4

    Colson Whitehead named 2017 Commencement Speaker Colson Whitehead, the author of The Underground Railroad, is a world-renowned novelist, who has found acclaim for his cutting-edge […]


  • A Year and a Half Later: Hate Speech and the Future of Our Country

    A year and a half ago, our campus witnessed incidents of racism and hate-speech that resulted in a heated campus-wide debate over the distinction between […]

  • Conn’s Ineffective Policy to Reduce Food Waste

    Many people wonder where Conn’s food waste goes. Even as Harris is closing, I often see pans that are still half full. The logical procedure for disposing of leftover food, composting, seems to contradict Conn’s actual policy.

  • Feminism in my Home

    The result of the 2016 election has forced me, and I’m sure many others, to think about what it means to be a woman and […]

  • Trump Redefines Role of Election Observers

    Donald Trump has made many terrifying and outrageous claims throughout his candidacy, yet none have struck a nerve with me more than his accusation that the election is rigged. While I think that it’s possible for election observers to have undue influence over elections in the United States, I find Trump’s claims about cheating incredibly over-the-top. Like many aspects of American governance that differ from the rest of the world, our election system is incredibly decentralized. Americans seeking to successfully rig our election would need the compliance of an unimaginable number of officials, an outlandish scheme that’s bound to fail.

  • Public Intellectuals Spotted at Privatized Institution

    As someone who cringes at the thought of writing an event review, I must admit that extenuating circumstances have led me to write something very akin to one, although I hope the larger purpose I am writing this for will soon become apparent


  • A short ride to Bangkok on the Camel Van

    With elements of sweet, salty, savory, spicy, and tangy, Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines. It also features flavors that stay with you long after the meal is complete and for me I always wonder, “can I make this myself?” On a cold, lazy, Saturday night, my friends and I took the Camel Van to downtown New London for dinner at Lazy Leopard.

  • Something Sketchy: In Retrospect

    As a lover of comedy and puns I was rather excited to see Something Sketchy, a flash comedy show organized by Aidan Gorrell and Riley Meachem. I attended both the dress rehearsal and Friday evening premier.

  • Artist Spotlight: Mei Reffsin ‘17

    Mei Reffsin ’17, the artist behind the recent Office of Sustainability poster campaign celebrating October as Sustainability Month, has a clear passion for her work.

  • A.S.I.A Holds First Ever Two-week Asian Arts Festival

    From Nov. 18 to Nov. 19, Conn’s Asian Students in Action (A.S.I.A.), formerly CCASA, held their first ever two-week Asian arts festival, “ORIGINS,” as an alternative to the organization’s annual dance show, “Fusion.”

  • Halloweekend

    Halloweekend: Black Panthers, Ninja (Turtles), Witches & Rosie Photos by Sophia Angele-Kuehn

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